• ceramic fiber blanket
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  • glass wool pipe glass wool tube
  • glass wool pipe glass wool tube
  • glass wool pipe glass wool tube
ceramic fiber blanket

ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is made through intensive needle-punching processing. The product does not contain any bond or other compositions, and also no slag inclusion content. The intensive needle-punching techniques improved the fiber inter-texture and the resistance performances against delaminating as well as the tensile strength. It has good high temperature shrinkage after the heat treatment of 750-950 during the producing. Beside the characteristics in common, it have better sound insulation performance and mechanism strength, is easy to machining and install.

The centrifugal glass wool felt is a product made in a process in which glass fiber is made from molten glass using the patented centrifugal method and processed with addition of environmental adhesive mainly imposed of thermosetting resin.
This material can be freely cut in construction according to the shape required, mainly used in room, noise-canceling system, transportation, refrigerators and household electrical appliances for noise canceling with low moisture absorption, stable physical properties.
Glass wool blanket
Glass wool mainly includes glass wool board, blanket and pipe.They are widely used for insulation , ventilation and the adjustment of air-conditioner in commercial industry and residential construction. Glass Wool product has the characteristics of good heat insulation and sound absorption, low construction cost,energy-saving insulation, sound controlling and improving the indoor air quality.

Industrial building materials kiln, heating device, high-temperature pipe lining; chemical industry high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment wall lining; thermal insulation for electric boilers, gas turbines, and nuclear power plants; fire insulation layer for high-rise buildings; furnace door, roof heat insulation; high-temperature filter material and so on. 




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